Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I confess

I confess - this morning I let the kids watch a show on TV while I did nothing more than paint my nails and read the news online. My nails look really nice, I painted them a really fall color called Copper Pumpkin. Evan and Grace are wearing their new jeans today. Evan's are a little big in the waist but the next smaller size were too short. Grace is wearing hers but isn't really happy since she wants to wear a dress today and I won't let her since she doesn't have one that is weather appropriate. If I let her - all she would wear are dresses since "she is a princess!"
I cannot wait until it's cool outside all the time - jeans and sweatshirt weather. Too bad that kind of weather is fleeting. Then it's into heavy winter jacket - freeze your booty off - type of weather, and I don't like that! Ah well anything is better than 95 degrees swelling up like roadkill type weather.
Yes- this blog is a bunch of nonsense, but it ate up the time that it took for my nails to dry. Now it's off to turn the TV off and listen to the kids complain that they want another show. Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say later. Until then...

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