Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Matt is working today. He works a lot of Holiday's this year, not that Labor Day is a big holiday or anything...but he does work day shift on Thanksgiving AND Christmas Day. I'm bummed about it but at least I knew that he would be from the very beginning of this year and have been preparing for it all year in my head. I'm still trying to come up with a good plan of action for Christmas Day with the kids gifts and things so Matt doesn't miss as much. I just found out a few weeks ago that Debbi and Rob will be here for Christmas Day and that has me soo happy! The kids will LOVE seeing them on Christmas Day and so will I. I'm sure Matt is going to want to try to meet up with them on Christmas Eve but I'm not sure how that will work since Rob's family has an open house that night and they will be going to that and we won't be able to go. Matt won't be home until about 6 Christmas Eve night anyway...we'll figure it out when it gets closer.

Nothing much has been happening here lately. I've been shopping for the kids for fall clothes and have made out pretty well with sales and coupons. Target today was awesome for play clothes for the kids at $4 each pc. They also had jeans on sale with adjustable waists that Grace really needs since she's such a skinny mini. I'm still in need of things for the twins but am trying not to buy too much since we don't really have anywhere to put it. The things I have purchased are hanging in Evan's closet.
Matt has been working on the new room and he's making good progress. He's almost done the drywall and things are looking so much better already. Now he just needs to finish the drywall-which should only take him less than an hour to do, and on to finish patching the plaster portion of the walls...sand them all down and that will be ready for the first coat of paint. Then we need to do the electric and put up the chair rail on the bottom of the walls and paint a little more then carpet and it will be done!!! October will be a busy and expensive month for us but it will be worth it!
Matt started his long shift today. He works 4 day works through Thursday and then goes right into 17 night works without a day off. Grace already said she misses him. That makes me so sad. At least on night works Grace gets some time with him in the middle of the day. Unfortunately Evan sleeps most of the time that Matt is here and awake so he doesn't see him that much - maybe for an hour a day. Debbi is my saving Grace for this turn around that Matt's on. She will be down twice and is watching the kids for me for my doctor appointments and if I just need a little break. She'll be down for 9/8 and then again the following week on Tuesday I think. On some levels I cannot believe that it's September already. I am excited though - I love fall! Picking pumpkins and apples, fall leaves, cooler weather, comfy clothes, parades, and festivals. I was looking forward to going to the mountains with the kids this fall but I'm not allowed to travel up there now. I thought maybe Matt would take them in October overnight without me (which would make me sad but the kids would love it) but I don't know if we will have time for it with the rest of the work that needs to be done in the twins new room. I feel bad that Matt is doing all of the work alone but I am in no shape to help!! lol...
Grace just yesterday was saying how much she misses Grandma and Debbi and Rob. It makes me so sad that she wants to see them but I can't take her up to see them. She will be thrilled when Debbi comes down next week.
I better go -Evan is getting up from his nap.

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