Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Pop, Grace, Nana and Evan sledding! Too cute!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 month stats!

Madeline was 6lbs 4oz at birth and is now 11lbs 3oz!!!!

Leah was 6lbs 2oz at birth and is now 10lbs 13oz!!!

Way to grow girls!!!

The doctor said that they both look big and healthy!! I'm such a proud Mommy!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smiley Girls!

Maddie is the first picture and Leah is the second....Aren't they the most beautiful little girls?!!


I have nothing else to say in this blog but holy crapola it's COLD! The heater has been running non-stop...I'm not looking forward to that bill next month! I'm wishing I was at my parents house in front of the wood stove but that would mean packing up and actually going outside. No thanks, we'll stay put. I'm not looking forward to packing all the kids up and putting them in the car to go to the doctor tomorrow morning! Uggg...8:30am comes mighty early when I'm trying to get everyone ready for a trip out for the day. It's off to the pediatrician in the morning, then to meet a woman who is buying one of my strollers (that makes 3 sold so far!!), then back home to pick up Matt and off to Kutztown for a little trip down memory lane, a good lunch at the Tavern and buying my new (new to me anyway) triple stroller so I can finally be independent again!! I can put three kiddos in it, Grace can walk and I can go anywhere alone again!!! I know that may sound silly but Evan just doesn't listen well enough for me to be confident going out alone. I am too scared that Ev, or Grace for that matter, would get away from me in a parking lot or something and I couldn't get to them fast enough worrying about all of the other kids. (I know, I know....I'm paranoid.) Anyway, I'm excited to be getting rid of things--downsizing really. I'm selling a lot on Craigslist so at least we're getting something for all of it. I tried selling my maternity clothes, the nice stuff anyway--from Gap and MimiMaternity, but no bites-I kind of thought as much. I'll give it to Goodwill since I don't know anyone who is pregnant or going to get pregnant anytime soon. If anyone who reads this knows someone let me know ASAP and they can have it if they want it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Describe yourself...

On one of the other blogs I read there was a describe yourself/your life here goes:

I'm a married 27 year old mother of four! I love my husband and cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else. My kids are my world and am thankful to be able to spend all of my time with them. I love my job, being a stay at home mommy is the hardest job I have ever had. I have never worked so hard in my life but really do love it, despite all of my complaining about the stress sometimes! I am always up for a good laugh, and love a good 'immature' comedy movie when the kids are in bed. I sometimes stress too much about the kids and need to just let them be kids and I work on that every day. I will protect my family above all else, but you won't understand that unless you're a great Mommy too!! :) I try try try to keep a clean house but end up playing the day away with the kids! They're little for such a short time, I *try* to remember that and eat up every minute. I hate the "time out chair" more than the kids do. I love having my hair short but am thinking about growing it out - who has time to get it cut every 4 weeks?! I like going to the mountains to see my in-laws,...yes I'm serious. I love love love the beach and cannot wait to go to NC in September! It will be a chaotic good time. I love to read, even if it's just children's books. One of my favorite movies is Love Actually. I miss my husband when he's not with me. I never dreamt when I met him my freshman year of high school that I would end up marrying him - but so glad he chose me! (lots of other people including my parents and his thought we should be together before we knew it!) I love wine. I hate whining. I get mad at myself when I find a spare minute that I sit down with my laptop and write a blog or look at Facebook instead of doing something important like peeing. Which reminds me, I gotta go -- I forgot to mention a lot of things. Maybe I'll finish this blog later.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow storm?

We were supposed to get a snow storm yesterday. We didn't. Instead we got a shit storm. Maddie and Leah were pooping one right after the other over the course of several hours. In my years of motherhood thus far I have never seen anything like it. At one point Madeline pooped with such ferocity that it blew poop clear up to her armpits. And all I could do was laugh, well-that and throw up in my mouth, just a little bit.
I love being a Mommy!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I haven't written much in a long time. I just have no time anymore to actually sit down and think!

Things are going pretty well I think. The twins are growing growing growing! I can't wait to see how much they weigh and their percentiles at the doctor next Friday. Maddie and Leah will be two months old on Wed/Thurs next week. I cannot believe that I've been a Mommy to 4 sweethearts for two months now! Wow. I'm still trying to get over some hurdles health wise related to my pregnancy and definitely still trying to lose baby weight. They say that with each pregnancy it gets harder and harder to lose the weight and it's definitely true, especially after a twin pregnancy. I'm hoping to get back to my "fighting weight" within a year. I hope that's not too optimistic. I'm also considering getting a tummy tuck but we'll talk about that another time! I might even be able to get my insurance company to pay for it since my stomach is destroyed and causing me health problems. Anyway...

Maddie and Leah are getting their own personalities more and more every day. Maddie is the high strung one and Leah is more relaxed. They are both smiling up a storm and melting my heart with each one. It never gets old either. I can't wait to take the new additions to the mountains so we can show them off to all of my in laws. Especially to Grandma. She met them once when they were a week or two old and I can't wait for her to see how big they are! Grace and Evan are excited to see her again soon also.

We took the kids to Oasis yesterday, it's an indoor playground, and they loved it! They really needed to get out and run around! I hate the winter, having to keep the kids inside all the time. Today we had a play date with some new friends, Christine and her two little ones. Lincoln is just over 2 and Isolde is 16 months. They are adorable kids. All of the kids played really well together which was a huge relief to me. I was worried how Grace would be since she tends to be a little bossy and dominate. She's so used to doing what she wants to when she's playing and Ev just follows along. But Grace did really well and I'm so proud of her.

Now it's off to clean clean clean in hopes that I can get this house in order again....every few days it seems like a bomb went off...maybe it's just that 4 kids live here and two adults who sometimes act like kids! ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009