Saturday, August 23, 2008


Grace went to the salon this morning and got her hair cut. She was such a good girl! She loooves the big girl salon! I had my Mom go with me though in case Grace wanted to sit on someone's lap and she did but that was ok. This is the second time I've taken her to Aldus to get her hair cut and this time the atmosphere was a little more tense. We got there and when we were called back, there was a woman sitting in the chair next to us getting her hair done. This woman was what looked to be about 4-6 months pregnant and she said she was starting to feel queasy and faint. Pretty much as soon as she said that she started to pass out and then started having a very mild seizure. It was so scary to see. I turned the kids the other way since I didn't want them seeing it plus I didn't want it to freak them out with everyone running over to her. They called an ambulance and she seemed fine after a few minutes. She was sitting up and talking and drinking some water. She said she has never had anything like that happen to her before. How scary to have that happen to you, let alone while you're pregnant. I hope she and her baby are fine now.
But back to Grace and her haircut - she looks sooo cute. It's just in a classic bob cut now. I will try to get some pictures posted here soon. I will probably take pictures tomorrow while we're at my Mom's with Megan, Seth & Ellie. I have to post a belly picture soon too. I've just been avoiding it since I feel so fat now. I won't even go there though ---!!

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