Monday, August 11, 2008

Overtime day

Matt's at work today for an overtime day. He almost got forced to work tomorrow also but they found someone else since we have plans and a dr appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine. Our tv that is less than a year old is broken. It's a flat panel plasma tv and it just shut off the other night. Well it turns out that it's something that effects a lot of this brand of tv so Panasonic is sending a repair guy out this week to fix it. Luckily it's still covered under warranty! I don't usually have the tv on during the day except when i'm showering and making dinner or if there is something that I want to catch a peek at. I have been searching for baby stories that are about twins so if I know that one of them is on and I think I can watch it - I won't bother to dvr it...but most of the time I just keep the tv off and watch it after the kids are in bed. I just don't want the kids sitting and tubing all day...Even though you would never know it with as much as Grace loooves Dora and Diego and knows everything about them! She also likes Max and Ruby a lot. Evan likes Blues Clues and Sesame Street. I try to alternate shows for them when I shower in the morning.

We had a good weekend this weekend. It was pretty hectic though. Friday we did errands and cleaned a little bit. Saturday Matt worked in the attic all morning and then we had TJ, Molly, Em and Colin over and had a blast. Grace really likes playing with Emily! And Colin - well he's just the cutest little thing!! I had a hard time holding him though since my big ole belly kept getting in the way! I miss snuggling with Evan - he always wants to crawl up on my chest and lay when he gets sleepy b/c that what we would always do before I was pregnant and now I can't. But I try to snuggle with him in other ways. He's such a snuggle bug! Sunday we went to a family party and the kids had a good time! They looove playing at my Grandmothers house -so much room to run and play with new toys and treats all the time! It was a lot of work to keep them awake on the 45 minute ride home!!

I'm trying to come up with what color I want to paint the twins new room and just have no idea...maybe i'll try to decide on a carpet color first and take it from there. I better get cracking here - I have laundry that needs to be folded before it wrinkles and i'm almost ready to eat another lunch! hehehe....eating for 3 is a lot of work!

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