Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recent pictures

The first two pictures are of the kids riding on their first ride at Riverfest! The next ones are of the mini-shower from my Mom and Megan, and the last one if of Matt tickling the kids!! lol

Busy bees

Matt is still working. Yesterday and today he's in training so he's only working 8 hour days which is a nice break. He even got out early yesterday and was home by 3:30! We took the kids to the park and they had a blast! And we didn't even have any tantrums when it was time to leave!!

We have been so busy lately I just don't even know where to start....On Saturday my Mom and Megan gave me a surprise mini-baby shower! It was just Meg, Seth, Ellie, Mom, Dad, the kids and I. It was really nice! Megan made the cupcakes and these little baby booties filled with candy, they were adorable. I really needed a "pick me up" and it sure did help. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. On Sunday my parents, the kids and I went to Joann Fabrics, Old Navy and then lunch in Exton. I bought tulle to have my Mom make Grace a purple tutu. It's going to be adorable!! I want to see if I can get Mom to make Eleni one also for her birthday since she's going to be 2 in October!!
Matt talked to Debbi last night and Grandpa seems really unhappy where he is and from the sounds of it he should be. I hope he can get out of there soon. I feel guilty for this but I can't wait for Debbi & Rob to come down soon. I don't want to stretch Debbi anymore than she already is with trying to get Grandpa situated but we all miss them. I just finished thank you notes for the mini-shower Debbi gave me a few weeks ago! I just had to deflate the balloons that she had gotten since they were starting to droop, but every time I looked at them they made me happy!
Today the kids and I might go to get some fall decorations for the porch and some fall mums. Grace & Evan would love to pick out pumpkins so we might do that also. It all depends on how energetic I feel.
I can't wait until Friday at lunchtime when Matt will be off until day work Monday. Then he works Mon-Thurs day works and is off for a week after that. We all need it so much. He will spend a lot of the time trying to get some of the twins room finished. I'm so afraid that it's not going to get done. I think we might end up getting new windows for up there also.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Waiting for October

I cannot wait for October!! Matt only works about 12 days in October which includes 1 week off in the beginning of the month and 1 week off at the end and then 1 week off at the beginning of November. Thank goodness too because September is just awful!!! Matt was supposed to be back on regular schedule now after the turn-around but they screwed everyone again and scheduled training for Monday and Tuesday so now he works Monday instead of having off. All in all I think he has worked every day except 2 or 3 through the 26th of this month. I'm tired, he's tired,and the kids are missing him a lot. But I would rather him be doing this now and NOT in November when the babies are going to come. He unfortunately won't have much "resting" time when he's off in October though since he will be working his butt off to try to finish the attic in time for the babies to be born.

Today I'm taking the kids to my Mom and Dad's house to play with Megan, Seth & Ellie. I hope that it's fun. It's usually hit or miss with the girls playing and now throw Evan into the mix with no nap and it might get dicey! lol We will see. At least I can get the kids out of the house for the day.

I have to go shopping this week at some point. I'm trying to get everything set up for the hospital and then Grace's birthday and Christmas and I'm so far behind. I need to go shopping without the kids so that I can get presents purchased but it's just hard to find someone to watch them sometimes.

Matt's Grandpa is being moved to a rehabilitation facility in Altoona and when he's finished treatment there he will hopefully be moved back to the VA hospital. I hope everything starts calming down now with him. It's been scary this last week and I worry about Matt but also about Debbi.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Matt's Grandpa has been in the hospital and isn't doing very well. They just decided that they needed to move him to another hospital's Intensive Care Unit. He's having mini-strokes and that's about as much as I definitively know at this point. He's supposed to be seeing a neurologist and getting more tests done and I am waiting to hear more from Debbi tomorrow at some point. Needless to say, Debbi isn't coming down tomorrow and I know the kids are going to be really bummed but hopefully she will be down soon. I really want Matt to go and visit Grandpa in the hospital whenever he can get a day off or (God forbid) if he needs to just take a day off and go up. I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow what she thinks about me possibly traveling up there sometime in the next week since I've been doing so well. We'll see what she says. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the babies but if the doctor says that it's ok then I'll feel pretty confident going.
My friend, Molly, dropped off some of her maternity tops for me tonight! I can't wait to try them on. I am hoping that if I have clothes that somewhat fit me that it will make me feel better about myself. I'm having major self-image issues that I won't bore you with.
I'll post more tomorrow after my doctor appointment and hopefully after I get good news about Grandpa Guyer.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I am so depressed this morning. I have the sniffles that I caught from the kids and couple that with not being able to breathe since I have two babies pushing on my lungs ~ I'm just plain cranky. This is the 14th day in a row (with one day off) of Matt working and I just need a break. I have no idea at this point when he's going to be off next. Right now the schedule is that he has off Monday the 21st for one day and then goes back on nights until the 27th. So that's 27 days of working with only 2 days off. Matt is so dead tired too. I feel so bad for him. He's just a zombie. The kids miss him, I miss him and me on a selfish level - just wants to step away from the kids for a few minutes and regroup. They're cranky today since we had such a busy day yesterday and they're not sleeping really well at night since they have stuffy noses. I'm just coming to the end of my rope and don't see an end in sight. Well - I shouldn't say that, my "break" will be going the doctor on Tuesday afternoon while Debbi and Grandma are down watching the kids for me. Debbi is bringing MomMom back that day and Grandma is coming with her. I can't wait to see them! The kids are going to go crazy when they see both Debbi and Grandma! Then the week after Rob will be down and they will be sooo happy to see him!

My plan for today was to go to the Verizon store to get a new cell phone since mine isn't working right anymore and then go to Joann Fabrics also but with the moods that the kids are in and as hot as it is outside, we're just staying here. Then Monday I was going to go to Walmart and then clean since Debbi and Grandma will be here Tuesday and the house could use a once over! I'm not happy about needing a new cell phone. The one that I have now I've only had for about 18 months and I take care of it. I just don't understand why it's not working....I think they make cell phones to only last a year or two so you have to buy a new one and renew your contract!!!

I better go - Grace wants me to help her dress up like a ballerina!

Friday, September 12, 2008

This weekend

I might *try* to take the kids to Riverfest in Charlestown, MD tomorrow. My parents would be going with me to help with the kids. I hate it that I need help just going places anymore but I won't go there, again. Riverfest is a big festival that has lots to do for kids and I think the kids would really love it. It's not supposed to be too hot tomorrow so I should be ok walking around for a little while. There was supposed to be a parade here in town tonight but the rain cancelled it. I was going to take the kids out to see it and think they would have enjoyed it but the weather interfered.
I can't wait until the babies room is done. I want to feel prepared. I think Matt is doing a great job with the room so far. He has put up a new wall and patched the exsisting walls. I know he's anxious to get back in there and finish everything in order to get the electric work started. I'm trying to be patient but it's so hard. I cannot believe that these babies could be here in as little as 7-9 weeks (God willing). It seems like there isn't enough time to get everything as ready as I would like it to be but on the other hand I cannot believe that I am going to keep growing bigger and bigger for another 7 plus weeks!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lonely - I'm so lonely....

Matt is still working nights. I am definitely missing him a lot right now. We barely speak to each other since he's so busy at work when we normally can squeeze in emails or a quick phone call, and when he's at home he's either sleeping or I'm laying down and he's playing with the kids. We have both decided that it's just better for me and the babies to take a little rest during the day since I have to do everything by myself since he's not here. I feel very guilty about doing it but we want healthy babies. I am just so ready to get my body back. I have never ever felt so run down and achy in all my life. I'm usually full of energy and feel like I keep up with the kids pretty well, not now. It's a little embarrassing to actually admit how tired I am since I know most people have never had twins so don't understand just how draining it can be. I never dreamt it could feel like it does.

I went out today to do a little more shopping since I'm trying to get everything bought and "ready" for the babies and Grace & Evan ready for fall before it's too late and I'm too huge. I got some good things but still need to go to a few more places. I have to get out to get Matt some new boots and a new pair of jeans. I also have to get myself an outfit or two for after the babies are born. I saw a few things in the Victoria's Secret catalog that I might order. I have no clothes that I think will fit me for after I have the babies. I am pretty darn sure that it's going to take me a lot longer to "bounce back" from this pregnancy and will have a bigger belly for a longer time before it "deflates"! lol...At least I might be able to hide it since it's winter and I can wear sweaters and sweatshirts to help hide it. Spanx might also be in order!!! hehe

Thursday, September 4, 2008

quick one

I'm so happy - Matt got an unexpected night off for tomorrow night. I'm so thankful since it is really going to break things up for everyone. That means that he'll start again Saturday night then Debbi will be down on Monday for my first dr appointment and be here again Tuesday for my second appt at MFM, my Grandmother will be down again at the end of the week for a few hours in the middle of the day to help out also. I hate asking for help with things, but everyone keeps telling me that now is not the time to be too proud. I'm trying...it's just hard.

Grace and Evan get so excited when Matt comes home at night. They literally stand at the door and wait for him, as soon as they see him they both start screaming, "Daddy, Daddy" it's the cutest thing. Evan is talking so much now - he's becoming such my little man. He's rattling off new words all the time. I can't wait for Debbi to come down and hear him talking. They sure do miss her. Grace kept asking all day to call her on the phone. When we finally did, she got so excited that Debbi had a hard time understanding what she was saying since she was just talking a mile a minute! And Evan kept saying, "PopPop, PopPop" in the background - Rob will be down a little later in the month for a visit.

I love my kids so much...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Matt is working today. He works a lot of Holiday's this year, not that Labor Day is a big holiday or anything...but he does work day shift on Thanksgiving AND Christmas Day. I'm bummed about it but at least I knew that he would be from the very beginning of this year and have been preparing for it all year in my head. I'm still trying to come up with a good plan of action for Christmas Day with the kids gifts and things so Matt doesn't miss as much. I just found out a few weeks ago that Debbi and Rob will be here for Christmas Day and that has me soo happy! The kids will LOVE seeing them on Christmas Day and so will I. I'm sure Matt is going to want to try to meet up with them on Christmas Eve but I'm not sure how that will work since Rob's family has an open house that night and they will be going to that and we won't be able to go. Matt won't be home until about 6 Christmas Eve night anyway...we'll figure it out when it gets closer.

Nothing much has been happening here lately. I've been shopping for the kids for fall clothes and have made out pretty well with sales and coupons. Target today was awesome for play clothes for the kids at $4 each pc. They also had jeans on sale with adjustable waists that Grace really needs since she's such a skinny mini. I'm still in need of things for the twins but am trying not to buy too much since we don't really have anywhere to put it. The things I have purchased are hanging in Evan's closet.
Matt has been working on the new room and he's making good progress. He's almost done the drywall and things are looking so much better already. Now he just needs to finish the drywall-which should only take him less than an hour to do, and on to finish patching the plaster portion of the walls...sand them all down and that will be ready for the first coat of paint. Then we need to do the electric and put up the chair rail on the bottom of the walls and paint a little more then carpet and it will be done!!! October will be a busy and expensive month for us but it will be worth it!
Matt started his long shift today. He works 4 day works through Thursday and then goes right into 17 night works without a day off. Grace already said she misses him. That makes me so sad. At least on night works Grace gets some time with him in the middle of the day. Unfortunately Evan sleeps most of the time that Matt is here and awake so he doesn't see him that much - maybe for an hour a day. Debbi is my saving Grace for this turn around that Matt's on. She will be down twice and is watching the kids for me for my doctor appointments and if I just need a little break. She'll be down for 9/8 and then again the following week on Tuesday I think. On some levels I cannot believe that it's September already. I am excited though - I love fall! Picking pumpkins and apples, fall leaves, cooler weather, comfy clothes, parades, and festivals. I was looking forward to going to the mountains with the kids this fall but I'm not allowed to travel up there now. I thought maybe Matt would take them in October overnight without me (which would make me sad but the kids would love it) but I don't know if we will have time for it with the rest of the work that needs to be done in the twins new room. I feel bad that Matt is doing all of the work alone but I am in no shape to help!! lol...
Grace just yesterday was saying how much she misses Grandma and Debbi and Rob. It makes me so sad that she wants to see them but I can't take her up to see them. She will be thrilled when Debbi comes down next week.
I better go -Evan is getting up from his nap.