Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's a toy store!

I rotate toys in the house pretty often. It helps keep the kids from getting too bored. Yesterday I took Grace downstairs with me where we put the toys that are out of rotation and she was so excited to see all of the toys she said, "We have a toy store in our house!!" She loved picking out "new" toys to take upstairs to play with.

I really want to try to get to the beach this Wednesday, it really all depends on the weather. Just for the day. I think the kids would have a blast! And we would too! We'll see.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I haven't posted in a while because things have been so crazy. Nothing much is happening. Grace is potty trained now. She is doing so well with it. I'm beyond proud of her. She's proud of herself too which I LOVE to see. Evan is really starting to talk now and it's just adorable! Grace and Ev have conversations all their own, I just gobble it up. I bought an amazing playtable and 2 chairs from the Pottery Barn outlet and total it cost me $76!! I looked it up online at the regular store and the table itself was $200. I want to go back and get a bookshelf that I saw. They really have some good deals there. I will have to stop in more often on my way past going to the dr to see what other things they get in. I need 2 more chairs but they only had 2 in a color other than pink!
We might try to take the kids to the beach next week for the day. I really want to do some fun things with them before I'm either too big and uncomfortable or on bedrest and can't. I wanted to try to get together with Molly and the kids this week but it just didn't happen this week. Just like Matt's other weeks off we just don't know where the time goes. It's Thursday night and I really don't know where the time went this week. We did get to go see Greg and Eleni for the first time in a long time, and did some much needed running around but I just can't figure out what happened to the time.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I posted a little story about Grace and Evan on my "twins" blog by accident, check it out over there!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We had a rough day yesterday that I am just too mentally exhausted to get into at the moment. However it did bring a few things to light. Even though i'm not proud of it, Grace has been watching more TV than usual since I got pregnant and wasn't feeling well. I can see the impact that it's having on her attitude so starting today i'm limiting her tv time to one show while I take a 2 second shower, and then MAYBE another one in the late afternoon while i'm trying to get dinner together. I have crafts and things for her and Ev to work on in the evenings though when i'm doing dinner so I don't have to result to using the tv as a babysitter. I don't have any ideas though as to how to keep them out of trouble while i'm showering so tv it is. Flame me if you must.
We're trying to get ready to go to the mountains this weekend and I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 5 back. I did errands Mon and Tues to no avail b/c I still have running around to do. I just hope that this mountain trip goes better than the last in regards to sleeping at night.
Matt wants a motorcycle. I would love to get him one for Father's Day just to make him happy but I just don't want him to have one with the temptation of saving so much on gas riding it back and forth to work. That's just too too too scary. I mean he crosses 95 for goodness sake. So I just don't know about how I feel about the motorcycle thing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Extra Extra read all about it.......

Grace is almost done potty training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited. She just hasn't been ready and hasn't been ready and I was beginning to feel like she wasn't going to ever do it and I'd be putting diapers in her suitcase for her honeymoon! lol. Well last week she asked to get on the potty on Wednesday and from then on we've been out of diapers!!! She finally did a poop on the big potty last night and was SOOO proud of herself. Up until that point, the smart little thing would wait until bedtime and poop in her pull-up. So today we're off to pick out a new toy and get ice cream as a reward! Yea!!!! I forgot what it was like to have just on in diapers!! So now I can enjoy only having one in diapers until the twins come!! Then we're going to be up to our eyeballs in diaper duty!