Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Us

Just a mini-update on us...

  • Evan has a double ear infection. I took him to a CVS Minute Clinic this morning because the pain was just too much for him and he's on antibiotics. Grace just got finished her antibiotics for an ear infection. Evan is super bummed that he isn't able to go swimming tomorrow for his lesson. 
  • Madeline is now the sick one, fever, cough, runny nose. I wonder how long it will take her to get an ear infection. Leah is hanging in there without any major issues, just a nasty sounding cough. Leah does however has a rash or bug bite of some sort on her lower leg. I'm worried about it but of course I worry about everything!
  • Grace just got the results of the state testing they do in school and she did amazing! I'm so proud of that kid!
  • We are getting things ready for marathon painting when Matt has 2 weeks off in March. I still have not gotten ALL of the wallpaper glue off of the walls. 
  • Tuesday is Valentines Day and it's a holiday that Matt and I really don't do much for, it's just not our thing. The kids are excited though so I'm going to try to make something special for them on Tuesday. 
  • We are hoping to get everyone better so that we can visit Matt's parents on his next days off.
  • I need hire an interior decorator. I can't seem to get an idea of how I want to decorate the living room or our bedroom. I see things in magazines and like them but have no idea how to pull it all together. 
  • I'm not finished our taxes yet, I'm ready to throw them out the window!! With selling a house, buying a house, Matt working in another state...oh do things get complicated! 
  • We were pretty bummed this morning when we woke up and checked our Powerball ticket to find out that we didn't win the big jackpot, we won $12.  :-) That pays for 2 days worth of tolls for Matt.
  • Grace has her hair appointment on Thursday and she is still insisting on getting a pixie hair cut. I don't know what to do! I know it sounds silly but I feel a lot of pressure to make sure I make the right choice...not let her do it and just get it cut into a really short bob or let her decide and live with the consequences if she doesn't like it?!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I just have to say that I have been getting SO many laughs from watching The Ellen Show's "Dance Dare". If you don't know what it is, it's a dare to get people to video tape themselves dancing randomly behind strangers without the stranger knowing. Some of the videos just crack me up!