Thursday, July 31, 2008


I don't know what's going on with Grace. She keeps saying her tooth hurts and pointing all the way back in the back of her mouth but she won't let me look. She still sounds very hoarse but has no runny nose, no other signs of being sick and if she was going to get sick from her throat being like that I would have assumed she would have woken up this morning sick. So i'm going to go to Walmart today and get the things we need to go to the mountains and pray that she stays healthy! Matt is really looking forward to going. His cousins are going to be up there and so is one of his uncles from SC. I can't wait to get out of this house for the weekend!!
Evan is really starting to talk now. He was walking around yesterday pretending to talk on his phone saying, "hello"...."byebye"...and lots of jabbering in between. He's talking later than Grace but every kids is different. I have to get him to the doctor for his wellness visit in 2 weeks I can't wait to see how big he is now.
We have such a packed weekend schedule from now until the end of August. We aren't usually this busy on the weekends since Matt works 2 a month.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hope not

Grace woke up this morning and her voice sounds scratchy. I hope she's not getting sick. Ellie was sick on Saturday when she was here and I hope she didn't catch it from her. That will surely ruin our trip to the mountains if she gets sick since we wouldn't want to get Debbi or Rob sick. I will be SO upset if we can't go. I need to get out of this house. The walls feel like they're closing in around me. I hate it. I can't imagine what it's going to feel like this winter when I have the twins here and can't get anyone outside. Argghh....I am trying to start my Christmas shopping. I have a partial list made and just need to start buying! I don't want to have to fool with even internet shopping when the twins are born or getting ready to be born. I'm having trouble thinking about what to get Grace for Christmas. Usually we get the kids one "big" gift and I just don't know what to get her. I also have to buy her birthday gifts and think of neat and special gift for both Grace and Evan that are going to "be from the twins" when they're born. So far i'm going to get some Color Wonder things for the kids since they love that stuff, they can color with it in the living room or in the car and think it's so neat. I'm going to get Grace some dress-up things and puzzles, Evan is getting a big toolbench/workstation for his big gift. I might get Grace a backpack for "her things" when we go places and maybe one for Evan.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Things have been nuts these last few days. I just don't know where the time goes, Matt has been on day shift this weekend (and has off tomorrow yea!) and before I know it, he's calling to tell me he was relieved and is on his way home! It's nice but i'm not getting nearly enough done. Yesterday I just couldn't get my act together. At all. I get waves of sickness on random days and yesterday and now today are just some of those days. Yesterday I didn't physically get sick but today I have been, ugg. Anyway- I have a friend from high school who was my best friend back then who I talked a few weeks ago and she said that she was pregnant with her first baby. I haven't heard from her since and now i'm scared that something happened. I hope not. I am not really close to her now but from what I do know of her, she will be a wonderful Mom. Someone else I know from high school, although we weren't friends then (probably b/c I was a major bitch in high school - yea I know I was but people change and thankfully I did!!) is trying to get pregnant with her second child and is on month number 2. I hope it happens for her this month! When Matt and I were both working at W&J we worked with a man named Sam, he was always more than nice to us and fun to work with. Well, he had triple bypass surgery recently and I just pray he recovers quickly. I simply cannot imagine how I would feel if it were my Dad going through that. How scary.
Sorry this blog is so scattered.
I used my carpet cleaner today on the kitchen floor-it has a hard floor attatchment and it worked ok. I think it will be better on the carpet, but it's too hard for me to push on the carpets so I have to wait for Matt to do it tonight.
I think we're going to do Boys and girls day tomorrow. I am going to take Grace shopping with me and Matt is going to take Evan to Home Depot with him to get supplies for the attic. Grace loooves to go shopping especially when she gets to walk around and do things like I do with her purse and everything. She's such a girly girl! I painted her nails this morning a really light color pink and she just loves them! I know before long she's going ot be begging for me to let her get her ears way kiddo - not for a while!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hands on!

We took the kids to Hands on House today in Lancaster and the kids had an absolute blast! It wasn't crowded and the kids got to lead us around and touch everything--they thought it was the coolest thing! I love love loved watching them try everything out and the looks on their faces were just priceless. They're always told to not touch things when we're out and they could just go around and touch everything that they wanted to! Evan was very into "picking the corn" and putting it in baskets. They both loved the giant Lite Brite. And Grace loved the fishing and the treehouse. The face painting thing was pretty nasty looking I have to say so we didn't do that part. We probably spent and hour and a half in there. It cost us $21 total. So it wasn't bad at all. I will take the kids back there. There was a garden outside to explore also but it was closed for a special event which was a little bit of a bummer. I'm just happy to get the kids out to do something fun and just for them. They both fell asleep on the way home which is unusual for Grace.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


We've started working on our attic and Matt should start the actual refinishing next week. I'm excited to get it done but kind of bummed at the same time. We really want to move out of this place but just can't agree on where to go. If we move to the "ideal" location, we will need to stay here at least a few more years since it's a VERY high dollar area and will need that time to save up some more money. If we decide to go to a less expensive area we could potentially move in the spring IF we could sell this house which I don't think would be an issue since it's a lower priced house and nice inside. You don't find too many nice homes in the price range with 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. I don't know. Right now isn't the ideal time to move anyway for us. The housing market sucks, we have only been here two years this month and I'm already huge and unable to pack/move boxes. I guess I still have to have faith in the idea of when it's time we'll know it. For right now we have to enjoy the low mortgage payment and just get ready for the babies!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just one of those days

Today started out not so great and is staying not so great. The kids are both in bad moods, they're fighting over everything, screaming when they don't get their way, and throwing tantrum after tantrum! The time out chair has been the "hot spot" all morning. All of this and it's only 11:00!! Right now I pulled the, "Mother of the Year", turn the tv on so I can grab something quick to eat, shower and have a moment (just one i'm sure) of peace for the day. BUT-I only have half an hour to do it since that's when the show is over. (I'm typing this while my lunch cooks!) Multitasking is a must!

This afternoon I hope to finish cleaning out the kids rooms of clothes from the winter and spring. I will figure out what to do with the clothes after Monday's ultrasound. If they're both boys like Matt and Grace think then I can get rid of everything from Grace, If they're girls -everything from Evan and so on.

Have to go - time to eat something and then make the kids lunch and pray they get in better moods. It will be better tomorrow when Daddy is home.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Holy cow it's hot outside today! This morning we went to Walmart and Grace was my big helper. She only put things in the cart that I told her to, and she walked right with me the entire time with no issues. Some may think that this is nothing big, but Grace has a very independent side so I was just really happy that she listened so well today. Evan was in the cart and he got to drop the things into the cart which he thinks is big fun!! We came home and had lunch, did crafts, Ev took his afternoon nap and then we went to the park! They had soo much fun! It was really hot but at least at 3 when we usually go, the park is completely in the shade so that helped. No one else was there so that's always nice. I was going to call Molly to see if she wanted to go but realized that I don't have her phone number. I'll have to message her later to get it for next time! I think we're still seeing them on Friday night but will have to confirm that also. (sorry random things are popping into my head as I write) I will try to post pictures on here later of the kids at the park. Most of the pictures aren't very good b/c the kids were literally running around like crazy since they were so excited to be there and have the whole park to themselves!

I can't wait for Thursday about 6...Matt will start his week off! We live for these! The week off every month makes up for the rough schedule the rest of the time! And we're getting closer to our big ultrasound! I am getting more impatient by the day! Monday is also my birthday so that just adds to my anticipation! Can't wait!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


On a message board that I visit, this was the question of the day...What have you done so far today? I thought I would answer it here and then paste it over there... so here goes -

I got up at 5:30am, Grace had to pee. We came downstairs and had juice and watched something on tv that I don't recall b/c I was still half asleep. 6:30 Evan woke up and we had breakfast, peanut butter toast for Grace, a cheese bagel for Ev. The kids watched Blues Clues while I took a shower and got dressed. We played and cleaned up toys until Evan's nap at 9am. While Ev was napping, Grace played with a makeup kit that I got for my birthday, I will post pics here later. She did her own makeup but had more fun doing mine! I should stick with that look! Ev woke up and we did crafts, painted pictures for Daddy. Then it was time to clean up and have lunch. The kids played for a while then it was time for Ev's afternoon nap...and here we are. Oh--and in there I did 3 loads of laundry and dishes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Guess what the twins are...


In some ways I can't believe that it's July already!! I can't believe that Evan is inching his way towards a year and a half and that Grace is getting closer to 3!! We made it to the beach last week and had a blast. We tried to see if we could rent a house in NC for the week of July 14th but I couldn't move a dr's appointment so we are going to see how i'm feeling in August and maybe try to go the second week of August, we'll see though i'll be btwn my 22/23 week then and i'm not supposed to travel very far after my 24th week. I guess we'll play it by ear. Matt and I are talking again about where we want to move. We just can't decide. We're toying with moving to Jersey again b/c of gas prices, maybe renting something to test it out if we like it or not. Who knows. This weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy. Then Matt's on dayworks next week Mon-Thurs so they always go pretty fast then he has a week off! We might try to go to the beach again or Dutch Wonderland or something else for the kids.