Sunday, August 24, 2008


We were supposed to go to my Mom's today for a little birthday party for her with just Meg, Seth & Ellie and the kids and I. We got there and were literally barely in the door and Grace said she didn't feel good. Then all of the sudden she threw up all over the floor. I cleaned it all up and her up and she was burning up! I had just rubbed lotion on her about an hour and a half before that and she felt fine. She was acting fine this morning also-playing, dancing, and being her normal self. But we came home much to the chagrin of the kids and she does have a 103-104 fever and says that her body hurts. I gave her Motrin and it brought her fever down significantly in no time so that's good. She also ate and drank a little bit. I'm just letting her veg out on the couch the rest of the day and hope she feels better tomorrow. I feel so bad for her when she doesn't feel good.

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