Friday, August 8, 2008

Freaky Friday

Today is Matt's first day off and he's still sleeping. Getting up at 3am for work every day this week really took it out of him. I guess more than usual b/c there was a lot going on this week at work. He's officially on nights for his turn around at work which is supposed to start the weekend after Labor Day. That means about 2-3 weeks of constant working night shift. I hate it, but what can you do?! Just part of the job. It still sucks that I won't really see him for 2-3 weeks and the kids miss him terribly.

I have a lot to try and do today. I have some cleaning and finishing trying to clean up the flower bed since it won't be so hot out today. I have errands to run and some grocery shopping to do.

I'm trying to get this house organized and have been trying to since we moved here 2 years ago but it just doesn't seem to be working! I guess it all comes down to lack of storage space. I'm getting more creative though with how to store things so that's helping...but it just costs money.

Yesterday I was swelling up so bad that I had to put my feet up to try to get it to go down. I cannot wait for fall where we will have cooler weather!!!

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