Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I can't wait for Thursday evening when Matt is off for a week. Well, almost a week, he picked up an overtime day on Monday ~ we're taking it where we can get it! He won't be able to work much overtime in the late fall closer to when i'm due because i'm going to need so much help and then obviously after the babies are born I'll need a little help until I recover from not only the delivery but just letting my body recover from the pregnancy. I am hoping to get out one day on his week off to do a little Christmas shopping/Birthday shopping for Grace - I hope to get it all done by mid October. And what I don't get done i'll do online when the Christmas sales start. We're having our friends over on Saturday and i'm excited about that - people we can relate to!!!! And have fun with!!!! I can't wait! Sunday is Tour de Christiana so i'll take the kids out to see some of it for a little bit and then the kids and I might try to get out of town to go to a family birthday party at my Grandmother's house...we'll see how it goes. Matt is going to stay behind though to work on the attic. We HAVE to get it finished. And we thought that he would get a lot of it done on this coming week off and the next one in September but he is going to end up doing a turn around during his next week off - working for 2 weeks straight ugg...so he won't get anything done then. He'll be on night shift too. 2 weeks of night shift.

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