Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lots to do

I can't believe how much we have going on right now. Each day it's not much but when you add it all together it just seems as though we're constantly running around and have things going on. Today after Matt wakes up around 11 we have to take Evan to the doctor for a check-up. Then we need to go shopping for a new saw for Matt so that he can start framing out a section of the twins' room. After that it's a quick stop at the grocery store and then home to get dinner and tub and bedtime. Tomorrow morning we have to take Grace to the dentist. That should be interesting. I won't even get into that now! After the dentist Matt is just going to work on the twins room and mow the grass. Thursday I have a regular OB appointment to go to. I have so much to do around the house that it's scary. I just don't seem to have the energy to do it. I'm supposed to be posting belly pictures and I'm scared to. I don't want people to see how big I'm getting in places other than my belly. I really want Matt to buy me an elliptical machine for Christmas!! I'm going to need something to help get this weight off. (And yes, I'm selfish...I'm worried about getting the weight off now - before the babies are even here!!) I just don't like how I feel when i'm carrying around extra weight. I am trying to gain as much weight as my doctor is suggesting it's just scary that's all.
I just found out that someone else I know is pregnant with their second. I think their kids will be 3 years apart. I'm happy for them. This will be their last baby. As hard as this pregnancy is getting for me, I'm a little sad that I know that I won't ever be pregnant again. It's hard to explain. That said - we are SOOOO finished after this!!!
I better go get something done instead of sitting here blogging!

Happy Tuesday!

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