Sunday, February 10, 2008

Psstt...I don't wanna go

So I have to attend the family function today. I don't want to. I know that certain family members read this blog I think. But to tell you the truth, I don't really care and i'll tell you why I don't want to go. We all seem to begrudginly attend these things, no one really wants to, no one has a damn thing to say to anyone else above the general chitchat since our lives all seem to be so far removed from one another. We chit chat until we all seem to be sitting around staring at the kids running around and keep checking our watches to see if we've stayed the obligatory length of time so we can speed out of there and back to whatever we were doing before we were interrupted by the gathering. Now I think that the intentions are good enough however my own personal dislike for these functions stems from the timing of it all. They're always held at 3 pm usually on Sunday afternoon. Fine. That would be just fine EXCEPT there are 2 'family units' that are ALWAYS late. No reason. Neither one has small children, nor do they work on the weekends. There is no excuse except for just being plain rude and so self absorbed that they feel like everything will wait for them because what they have to do is so much more important or better than what every one of the other 20 or so people have going on in their life at that moment. Well folks, today is the day. This shindig is due to begin at 3. My family unit will be there at 3. We're leaving at 5. If we haven't eaten or sang the obligatory Happy Birthday and eaten the cake/opened the gifts, well quite frankly, they can all shove it with the exception of my Grandparents.
There. I'm finished.

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