Monday, February 25, 2008

Manic Monday

Whew. What a weekend. I'm so glad that our electric is fixed. It was scary to find out just how bad and dangerous the problem really was. Denny, the guy across the street, fixed it for us and when he pulled the wires out that went from the electric box into the house and breaker box, water came pouring out. For those that don't know, that's sooo not supposed to happen. The only reason that our breaker box didn't blow is b/c the wire turned up to go into the box directly so no water contacted it directly, thank goodness.'s all fixed. yea!! Now on to more, thoughtful bloggings.....March begins this weekend. I simply cannot believe it. It's outrageous. March is a big reflection month for me. It has been since Matt and I got married. I can't believe it's going to be 3 years on the 19th. They have been 3 very busy, monumentous, and amazing 3 years. It seems like 3 years is a long time when I think about all that has happened. March is the month I got pregnant with Grace. That really makes me reflect on things. I can't believe that she's 2 years and 3 months old. Now she's in a big girl bed and doing so well. She starting to really warm up to potty training so hopefully that will happen in the next few months...if it were up to me she would already be going on the potty, but alas, my 2 years old has a mind of her own and voices it daily. Quite loud I might add. Matt turns 28 in March. He will have been out of high school 10 years this June. We don't feel that old when it's just Matt and I, sometimes we do feel that old when it's us and the kids! We're going to blink and be in our thirties! Holy crap. March for me has become kind of like New Years is for some. It's usually when I start to think about where I am in regards to where I would like to be. This year, I just want to continue being a better version of me. My temper is already being worked on and i'm so proud of myself with how it's going. I rarely flip anymore. I get short sometimes, but don't flip like I used to. (Now for those of you reading who don't know what I mean by flip, I just mean raise my voice at the kids...not flip out into some sort of villian) I can see the changes that I'm making are making a difference with Grace and Evan and the way that they express themselves. Especially Grace. She's a mirror image of me in every way. She looks exactly like me when I was her age. (For those that don't believe me, I have pictures to prove it!) I want to continue to lose weight, and get healthier all around. My Cooking Light subscription is helping with that. I can't wait until it's nice outside and the kids and I can get out of our little house for more than a quick walk around town. I also want to get pregnant this year if Matt and I decide to have another baby. We are still talking but we probably will. (For those of you who are balking, shut up. It's not your life.I don't care what you think.) But in order to do that I want to lose the rest of the weight from my other pregnancies, now only 10 lbs!!!!!!!!!! Only time will tell. As for this minutes, i'm going to go finish making the rewards chart for Grace's potty training.


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