Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lucky Duck

We are going to Shady Maple on Saturday for a 'catch-all' birthday bash for Matt's family. We are so behind with celebrating birthdays so we're going there. It's in honor of Greg, Chris, Bryan, Nichole, Matt and Grandma's birthday. And when I was talking to Debbi the other day on the phone about it I suggested that we stop giving actual gifts to each other b/c no one has the money for it and just give a card and a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket idea came about b/c Matt randomly bought 2 scratch off lottery tickets the other day. He never ever buys them. And he let me scratch them off, we won $100!!!!! Yea!!

Our friends TJ & Molly's daughter is turning 2 this weekend. I can't believe how big everyone is getting. We're hoping to swing into her birthday party after Shady Maple. It pretty much all depends on how Grace is acting. If she's too cranky and tired, we aren't going to go b/c I don't want to be embarrassed by her being bad but would like to go since we didn't make it to her 1st birthday party. It's going to be strange having Matt home on the weekends for a little bit. I'm just now getting adjusted to him working random shifts.

We are going to take the kids to Sesame Street Live on Good Friday. Grace went last year and loved it. I couldn't take her though since I was in the hospital having Evan! Megan, Ellie, Mom and maybe Greg and Eleni are going. The kids have fun and it's inexpensive, only $15 bucks for the middle priced seats. I'm excited about it, and I know Grace is. Evan is going to love it too b/c he's really starting to like Elmo. And I think the name of the show is Elmo makes music. It will be fun!

Tomorrow I go to the dr and my Mom is going to watch the kids for me. I take them everywhere with me, no problem....it's just easier to do things like the dr when i'm by myself. I hope they don't give Mom too much of an issue.

And my last comment for the day.....for the record, I can't wait until SPRING!!!!!!!

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Megan A. said...

you are a lucky duck!