Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cat Nap

Yesterday hopefully was the turning point in Miss Grace's mood. She took a 3 hour nap yesterday and then went to bed normal time without a fight. So far this morning she seems to be in a better mood. I hope she is. I'm so tired of running up and down the steps putting her in time out!! We went to Walmart yesterday after she got up from her nap at 3:30! I was expecting it to be packed since we're supposed to have a snow flurry today and everyone usually freaks out about it but it was dead. We got what we needed and got out of there, it wasn't bad at all. And to top it off I had to parallel park the truck when we got home and I did it in ONE move. That's right folks, I parked my quad cab pick-up in ONE move! (for those of you who missed it, yes - i'm bragging about it!!) ;)

Today holds more of the same i'm afraid in terms of cleaning and organizing. I still need to pick a day to go to Ikea, my sister said maybe she could meet me there Friday but now the weather is looking questionable. Hmm....And I thought maybe I would just go tomorrow and get it out of the way but i'm trying to figure out how I would do it with the kids by's why: Evan needs to ride in a cart/stroller. Grace can walk. however, you need to get one of those flat cart things to lead the furniture boxes on so i'm not sure how I would push Evan, control Grace AND push the cart thing with the furniture on it. In addition, you have to pull your truck up to the loading area after you pay, how am I going to go and get the truck to put in the loading area while still watching my stuff. I would put Ev in the wrap on my back but i'm afraid of how i'm going to load things with him already strapped to me. Hmmm.......Things are so much harder with more than one child!!'s just the logistics of it all....i'll figure it out. I want a framed backpack carrier for such occassions but don't want to spend the money......

Dooty calls.....literally.

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