Saturday, February 9, 2008

Now it's time to slap my cap

Grace always watches tv while i'm in the shower in the morning. Today it's Tigger & Pooh, we loves this show, but if I let her, she'd watch tv ALL day long. I get the kids theme songs stuck in my head all the time. It's worse than having that catchy song from the radio stuck in your head. Today it's the Super Sleuth oath song thingy. I'll have to listen to the radio to try to get it un-stuck.
My goal for this weekend is to finish getting the toys organized and a few more things from the attic sorted out, thrown out or otherwise put somewhere else and to get the federal taxes finished and filed!! Then by the end of the week I want to have all the other taxes done. It's been a little harder this year since we're itemizing and have the New Jersey stuff to handle and all of that but i'm pretty proud of myself for getting them done AND feeling confident that I deducted everything that I could have. Yay me!
The kids are both napping now so that's giving me a chance to collect my thoughts. Wow, it's been a nutso day already. Some days the kids seem to have more energy than others. I'll have to post the pictures that I took yesterday of the house. I went to get a 5 second shower, literally and left the kids gated in the living room/dining room/playroom....I had just finished cleaning it before I went to take the shower. I came out and I swear, it looks like a bomb had hit it. They had every last toy and card and book spread everywhere. You would have thought that someone else came in and helped them. That's how bad it was. It made me laugh so much that I took pictures.

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