Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's glandular

I went to the doctor today because I found a little pea sized lump on my jaw right in front of my ear. Well, it turns out that my thyroid is enlarged and there is a 'lump' on it. I'm trying my best not to freak out. I'm trying to not google it or anything. They took some blood and I should get results in a few days and then take it from there. I'm going to 'try' to not think about it too much. I may sound ok about it, but I really am shaking in my boots.

On to other news, Evan is officially walking now. He has been taking 4 or 5 steps here and there for about a week and a half now but he's definitely walking. He's not perfect at it, and still thinks he can get there quicker if he's crawling but soon enough he'll be running and pushing Grace down. And I have to say that Grace would deserve to be pushed down as payback for all the pushing he does! Not that I encourage retaliation!

I can't wait for this weekend. I think it might be a little more relaxing than last weekend. I do have some errands to run Friday. I have to go to BJ's and some other places in Downingtown/Exton and then hit up the grocery store. Oh--and get my nails done! Then it's Shady Maple and hopefully Em's birthday party on Saturday for a little bit. I hope to do a whole lot of NOTHING on Sunday.

Nothing much else to report right now...i'm going to try to veg out with some tv and take my mind off things while the kids are napping.

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