Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not so much

Grace isn't in a better mood. What gives? I'm reaching the end of my, recently lengthened, rope. I have soooo much more patience now. I was losing my temper all the time a couple months ago, i'm doing so much better now. I hated how it made me feel when I would lose my temper and raise my voice at the kids, so I stopped. It didn't happen overnight, but I'm so much happier now and a better parent. I don't want to ever make excuses for myself, but I really think that it had something to do with my hormones from nursing. I was trying to work on my temper when I was still nursing Evan and I was making small strides, but once I stopped nursing him I got so much better. I rarely get short with them. I raise my voice when telling Grace to stop pushing hitting or otherwise causing bodily harm to Evan but other than that, i'm as cool as a cucumber.

On a totally different topic. I was getting so insanely frustrated with my weight loss that I stopped weighing myself. Well, I did weigh myself last night for the first time in several weeks and i've LOST a lot! I'm now only 9-10lbs over what I was when Matt and I got married!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm soooo happy. My body still looks different and I don't think losing that 9-10lbs is going to make it look like it did....I guess that's what 2 kids will do to you! lol....Now i'm trying to move on to loving the body that I have now. It's so much curvier than it was. I had NO curves before so it's still a big change for me.

Better get back to cleaning/organizing....uggg. It's only 9 and i'm already pooped out!!

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