Sunday, January 27, 2008

Slept In

I don't know where to start. It's been a busy weekend. We decided early Saturday morning to just pack up and go to the mountains for the day. We were all ready and on the road by just before 9. The kids were excellent in the car, and both got a pretty good nap. We ate a little fast food in the car for lunch, yuck and went right up to the cabin and hung out for a few hours. We went down the mntn and saw Grandpa who was so happy to see the kids. Then we went down to Debbi & Rob's new house and surprised everyone. I think Debbi and Rob were both very glad we all came. I think that their new house is going to be amazing when they're finished. I'm happy for Rob about his job and can't wait to hear about how his first day went. We all went to dinner after everything was all moved in. It was nice to have everyone all together, minus Greg. The kids were awesome all day. So well behaved. We changed then both into their PJ's and left for home about their bedtime at 7. Grace was watching dvd's in the car and Ev fell asleep almost immediately. Grace stayed awake the entire ride home. We got home at 10!!! She was asleep here by 10:30 and we thought she would sleep until at least 7. Nope. This child doesn't ever sleep in. She was up by 6!! But, she's a good kiddo.
Today was a little errand running and some much needed chill out time.
My computer is out of battery, maybe i'll finish this one tomorrow. I have so much more to get off my chest, about moving, and the kids, and a bunch of stuff.

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