Saturday, January 19, 2008

Are you sure Saturday mornings start this early?

5am came real early this morning. O well. I'll sleep when i'm dead.

The plan for today is to go to my parents house and drop Matt off, and pick up my Mom. Matt is going to go pay Barry for the Jeep he bought from him and start work on it, and i'm going to pick my Mom up so that we can go to Joann Fabrics and then go get the kids haircuts. I am hoping that the kids end up with their hair cut...I'm a little worried! We will see!

Matt's cousin and his wife bad their baby last night. It's a boy, named Brayden Micheal and weighed 9lbs. From what I understand she was induced b/c she was a week late and then ended up with a c-section. I think that both of my kids would have been well over 9 lbs if they didn't each decide to come 2 weeks early! And Ev was big enough at 8lbs 13oz!! I'm happy for them! I remember that first baby feeling. How happy and naive I was! lol...And the second baby feeling, how I knew what was coming and thought it would be 'old hat', but how I was just as happy and probably more naive!! lol....Who knows how I'll feel when we have a 3rd!

I better get's already getting late. It's 7:30AM!!

Happy Saturday!

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