Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday happenings

Today holds the one 'job' that I hate the most, grocery shopping. I especially hate grocery shopping on Friday's and really really hate grocery shopping on Friday at Walmart. It's like torture to me however I refuse to go anywhere else b/c it's so much more expensive elsewhere. So for a little pain I save a decent amount of money.
I contacted a realtor in NJ. We want to move, now. We're just still really scared about selling this house. We are still thinking about renting it out but don't want to rent it to someone we don't know. So if you know someone looking to rent a 3bd 2ba house...let me know!!! We still aren't sure where to buy in NJ so we may end up renting over there until we figure out where we want to be. I'm just ready to jump in with both feet and make the move.
My parents might come here tonight and watch the kids so Matt and I can go out to dinner. I hope so. We could really use some alone time. And we think we're going to take the kids to the Aquarium on Monday for something fun to do. I think both kids will really love it.

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