Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday and your "low heart"?

Matt is upstairs sleeping since he worked last night but now he's off until Monday! I'm so happy! I took the kids outside yesterday in the snow even though it was really wet. Grace loved it! She built a ton of snowmen in the back yard. It was so cute. Evan just hung out with me and looked around I couldn't let him sit in the snow too long since it was so wet but he had fun anyway. I wish Matt could have been here to see them playing. I'm not sure what we're going to do today. Probably nothing fun. I have to go to the grocery store and do some errands because whenever possible I like to do them during the week even though it seems like more and more people don't work on Fridays. I have to put together the sewing table that I just got. My Grandmother bought it for me. She's too much sometimes.

I never watch Oprah. Yesterday I decided to record it so I would have something to watch after I put the kids to bed just in case there wasn't anything else on. Oprah had her "favorite Ob/Gyn" on for "all of the questions you're too embarrassed to ask your doctor". So I'm just confused. You're too embarrassed to ask your doctor in the privacy of your doctors office, yet you'll sit in a room with 300 of your 'closest' friends and ask them, just to have it be watched by millions of viewers?? I just don't understand. This Ob/Gyn was a little nutty if you ask me. She kept talking about your "high heart" and your "low heart". Meaning your actual heart and your vagina. Um..what? And chi and alternative medicines and how your mind and feelings can cause things like fibroids? Again, um....what? Now I'm all for trying alternative medicines within reason but some of the stuff she was saying was just plain wackadoo.

We're going to the mountains next weekend. I have mixed emotions about it. One one hand I'm excited to go away for a little bit. On the other, I'm afraid that Evan will be a handful with not wanting to sleep while we're up there. We are going to let Grace spend the night Saturday night with Nana and Pop. I know that she won't sleep at all up there b/c there are too many people in one big room in the cabin. I hate leaving her 'behind'. I am going to miss her like crazy but I also don't want to not go to the mountains, again, because of it. She will have so much fun at Nana's anyway. She's going to do crafts and 'sew' with Nana, play the piano with Pop, watch the Jungle Book, get 100% attention all the time and go to a kids birthday party. I'm sure she's have more fun at Nana's than she would in the mountains.

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Megan A. said...

hehe - you said vagina - hehe - and wackadoo. lol! Made me smile and since I am sitting at work on a Friday - horror of horrors - that is an accomplishment.