Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Matt is still on nights, today he had to go in 4 hours early. He's working a 16 hour shift now. He had to go in early for training at the fire station on a new gas detection wand of some sort. They give all the guys on the Fire Brigade free stuff as incentive to stay on it, it's so dorky. The jacket he just got is a really nice jacket too bad it says Valero Fire Brigade on it. He's just not a 'fire guy'. kwim? Anyway, he left here at 12:30 so we didn't really get to see him at all today. Now there's talk of the turn around starting Feb 9th. It's 2 weeks straight of no days off. The money is good, but the kids miss him and so do I. It's also hard to be here that amount of time without the adult interaction I get when he's home.

Finally!!!! Finally Evan is putting himself to sleep. I can take him upstairs and lay him in his crib fully awake and he will put himself to sleep!!!! He's not yet a pro at it but hey, i'll take it. We're getting close. Pretty soon he'll be sleeping 10-12 hours a night in his own bed and I won't have to rock, sway, sing, or shush him to sleep at all!!!! I'm so excited. I'm proud to say that neither of my kids ever slept in bed with us. Both of them slept in a co-sleeper for about 3-4 months next to our bed, but then it was right into their crib. I like it that way. I don't want them in bed with Matt and I, that's our 'adult' space, we can relax and talk and watch tv without the kids in bed with us.

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