Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh Please

"Mommy, oh Mommy, Please please please can I?!!!!???" Grace has turned over a new leaf. She has started to beg for things. That's right, down right BEG for things. It could be anything from wanting to watch a show on TV to doing a craft or even asking for a cup of juice. Everything is "Pretty please?! Can I ppppplease?", where did she learn this from? Probably the same place she learned the great whining skill she possesses. She was born with it. I guess it could be worse - she could be demanding things and throwing tantrums like she was doing. I guess we've graduated and matured from that. Or maybe she just passed that skill on to her brother because he's getting pretty darn good at it.

In other news, tonight is night 3 of a 4 night rack of night shift for Matt. Night 3 always sucks. Night 1 I'm usually fresh off of a little bit of kid detox and have all of the patience in the world. Night 2 is usually ok, a little more difficult but I still have some composure. By night 3 I'm so over being the sole caretaker of this gaggle of kids and I KNOW that I have one more night and part of the next day before I get help that my sanity is just lost somewhere. Probably the toilet. Which by the way is where Evan decided to throw one of Grace's necklaces tonight. And it had pee in it. Now for those of you who don't know, Grace makes necklaces like it's her j-o-b. She has a caboodle that she calls her "jewelry box" filled with all kinds of beads that she protects with her life. She will string beads with the utmost concentration for hours. I'm not kidding. HOURS. And yesterday we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and got her two new types of beads which she clutched all the way home then ran in the house, peed, then proceeded to make herself a new necklace which she has worn ever since. This necklace was added to the 4 other necklaces she was wearing prompting me to call her Mr. T for the rest of the day. Luckily for her Ev didn't throw her new necklace with 'crystals' into the pooper. However watching the expression on her face as I explained why her necklace had to go into the trash pretty much broke my heart. However watching the expression on Evan's face as her threw her necklace into the toilet kind of made me giggle. I know, I know - I'm awful. But let me explain...Grace was being pretty rotten to him alllll day. She wouldn't let him even approach her new beads or even look in her general direction all afternoon. So I think it was a deliberate act of revenge on his part. He had such a look of pure satisfaction as he watched the necklace sink to the bottom of the toilet. I really did have to choke back a little giggle before I reprimanded him and put him in time out. Again, Mother of the Year award for me.

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