Sunday, March 29, 2009

High Low

I haven't written in what feels like forever. I've been so busy lately. Matt is still working, even though he did get two days off last week, thank goodness! He's back on nights until Tuesday. We are finally getting carpet installed in the new room either Tuesday or Wednesday! I'm thrilled!!! However we're now going back and forth about who should have the new room. Originally we wanted it to be the twins room since it would be out of the way a little bit from the chaos for when the twins are napping and going to bed. However, I'm not thrilled about the fact that I'll have to run up and down steps during the night if/when they need me. Also, since the walls are slanted their cribs won't fit flush up against the wall thus wasting a ton of floor space. And we need all of the space we can get until we can buy another house. So that leads me to Grace...She sleeps in a twin bed which would fit perfectly up there, can go up and down the stairs by herself and we could double the room as a play room if she was up there. However I'm a little concerned about the change in regards to her sleep habits. All of my kids are on schedules. It's the only way I can maintain any order in the house. Grace especially responds well to schedules since she knows what's coming. I know I cannot shield her from change forever but do I really want to have twins who are still learning how to sleep well AND a 3 year old who isn't going to bed well?! What do you all think? Any comments or opinions are welcome!

In other news, Grace is finally better!! She was sick on and off for the better part of the week. Luckily no one else got sick (so far)!!! Hooray for that! I have never been so behind on laundry than I was (and still am) this week. Grace had bodily fluids on everything!! Numerous outfits for each of us a day, 3-4 sheet changes per night plus blankets and towels - oh my! I feel very much behind on regular housework this week since any "free time" I had was spent doing the laundry and cloroxing everything in sight and policing Grace for signs of future bathroom accidents or vomit episodes. Ahhh being a Mother!! Speaking of bathroom accidents, I think that was the worst things this week. Grace had horrible bathroom issues and sometimes couldn't control it. She was mortified. It made her so incredibly upset that she had accidents. She's been potty trained for just about a year now and never, ever has accidents. Embarrassed doesn't even begin to describe it. I felt so bad that her ego was hurt. But she has bounced back and then some!

And now for some really good news about Grace's behavior...She was feeling so good that I took all of the kids to the park on Friday afternoon. Evan and Grace couldn't get out of the car fast enough! They had a blast!! There were a few other Mothers there with their kids and we all got to talking. Most of them asked questions about the twins and ages of the kids and how I "had it so together"?! And for the first time in a long time, probably since the twins were born, I did have it together! I had Maddie and Leah in their car seats since it was close to their nap time and they just played quietly with the toys hanging from the bars of their car seats and they eventually fell asleep without so much as a peep out of either one of them. And Grace and Evan were playing so well, waiting their turn and staying right were they should be. Evan fell down at one point and Grace stopped to see if he was ok. All of the Mom's were commenting to me how well behaved they were. And then the kicker---it was time to leave so I told Grace and Evan that we were going to be leaving in 5 minutes and to take a few more minutes to play. After 5 minutes was up I called for them to leave and low and behold both of them stopped what they were doing and started walking towards the car!!! My kids folks....MY KIDS didn't throw tantrums or even argue one little bit! All of the other Mother's were asking how I did it and that I had such good listeners!! I left feeling rejuvenated! Feeling accomplished and finally feeling like a good Mother. To some this may not sound like a big deal, but it was to me.


Erin said...

I am so glad you had such a good day with the kids! See, you are a GREAT Mom! You just had a rough patch. And seriously, I can't even get my dishes done and floors vacuumed in a timely mannor let alone refinish a room and take FOUR kids to the park. You pretty much rock.

Heidi said...

Waaa-hoo for the great time at the park and babies falling asleep without a peep. You deserved all the admiration that you got.
Could you sell the new bedroom thing to Grace as a big girl step up??

Heidi said...

P.S.- Misery LOVES Company, but it still sucks that we are in the same sleepless boat.

Megan A. said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. That pic is pretty great isnt it? The father of one of the kids in Ellie's class took it, he is really big into photography. I totally need to learn some things from him!