Sunday, March 22, 2009


Grace is sick. The poor thing is throwing up everywhere. I feel awful for her. I guess we have a 24 hour stomach bug going around the house like rapid fire. I'm praying that Evan and the twins don't get it but I'm pretty sure that they will. Grace is now laying on the couch watching TV and looks just terrible. I hate it when the kids are sick, I always want to make everything feel better. Matt left for work in the middle of an up-chuck session. In this case, lucky him. I'm already so over cleaning up throw up. No matter how long I've been a Mom - cleaning up throw up still makes me want to throw up. I'm airing out Grace's bedroom, and the whole upstairs for that matter. The bug started with Matt and most of the other guys at work. If you call in sick on a turnaround you must really truly be on your death bed so the guy who had it first didn't call in sick...and now all of the guys had it and now all of their families have had it. Thank you Valero. Grace was playing with my niece Ellie today, and my parents and Grandmother were here recently so I'm really hoping none of them get it. I will feel awful if they do. But the way this thing is spreading I'm pretty sure that they won't all get away unscathed. I really, truly apologize in advance for the nastiness.
So progress on the twins room is again at a halt. I'm too busy taking care of a sick kiddo to put the finish coat on - plus I don't want anyone here watching the kids while I paint since I don't want them to be sick. I feel like this is the home improvement project that just won't end!! We started it back in September. That's right, September. But with me on bed rest, then the birth of the babies and the holidays and now Matt's turnaround it just hasn't gotten done. Here's to hoping it will be finished by May.

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