Thursday, March 12, 2009

No news

I don't have much to report...Matt was supposed to finish up the last of the twins room this week after he got home from night shift but has been too tired since he's been up running around all night at work. Usually he can sleep for a few hours at night but no such luck lately. We're hoping that tonight he can catch a little nap so he can come home, work for an hour to finish it and then I will paint tomorrow afternoon. I've been calling flooring places looking for carpet and we now just have to go pick something out. I want to try to pick something neutral so that when we sell the house it will appeal to more people. After the twins room is finished we're going to paint the living room.
I cannot believe that this is only night #3 of Matt's 21 day stretch. I'm already feeling stressed and in need of adult time! Ug. His boss did say that they might end the t/a a day earlier than expected...I guess I should be happy about that. Tonight my parents are coming over to hang out so at least I won't be here alone all night. The babies had a really bad night last night. Leah had bad gas and was crying a lot so that woke Maddie up and then I had two cranky babies awake most of this morning. I'm ready for a good night for both of the girls. I'm hoping that things will get markedly better once they're in their own room. I'm taking them to the pediatrician on Monday and am a little nervous about it. I'm slightly concerned about the shape of Madeline's head still. It's very flat in the back and has been that way since birth. The doctor said it was from her position in my stomach and to watch it. I'm hoping the doctor says that it's fine and that she won't have to wear a cranial band, as they call it. It's really a helmet to help with the shape of her skull. I've been doing everything possible to not have her lay on the back of her head. She sits up in the Bumbo a lot during the day, I will lay her on her side for naps and bedtime since she can roll over both ways it's not such a SIDS risk to not have her on her back for sleeping even though she ends up that way a lot of the time. I guess we will see on Monday.

I'm sorry for all of the boring posts lately. I'm just not in the usual frame of mind...

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