Monday, March 2, 2009


These are Grace's "sparkly shoes" as she calls them...Evan finally got his hands on the coveted item and is THRILLED that he 'thinks' he's going to get to wear them. And if you notice his outfit, I let the kids pick out their own clothes today since we weren't going anywhere. This is what he chose.
And this is what Grace decided would be her outfit of choice for the day. Very colorful! She was sooo proud of herself! (Notice the coveted red shoes!) And her new crystal bead necklace that she made on Saturday, the one that luckily didn't get thrown into the potty.

And the kids riding their bikes on the sidewalk on the nice 55 degree day last week...only a few days before the lovely snowstorm we had today. I'm very ready for Spring!

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anymommy said...

Me too. Spring please! They are all so darling. I love finding other moms in my situation...or in your case even a little more fun.