Friday, March 13, 2009


After too many days to count of feeling nothing but 'not-enough-time-in-the-day' incompetence, I've finally succeeded in feeling accomplished and today isn't even over yet! I've done many loads of laundry so my mountain of dirty clothes, sheets, blankets and burp cloths is now starting to resemble a hill! Yea! I've succeeded in painting half of the twins new room in primer! Double Yea! That half of the room sucked up an entire can of primer! I'm going to get back at it tomorrow right after I pick out the carpet since that didn't happen today, small set back. I'm starting to feel like I will once again have a bedroom all to myself (and Matt when he's finally back sleeping with me in I've sent not one but two emails to a friend that I've been neglecting and got to hear about wedding details in the making! Yea for her! Now if I can just get through dinner, bath and bedtime in one piece I'll be in business! As for right now, I'm off to start setting up for bedtime!

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