Thursday, September 4, 2008

quick one

I'm so happy - Matt got an unexpected night off for tomorrow night. I'm so thankful since it is really going to break things up for everyone. That means that he'll start again Saturday night then Debbi will be down on Monday for my first dr appointment and be here again Tuesday for my second appt at MFM, my Grandmother will be down again at the end of the week for a few hours in the middle of the day to help out also. I hate asking for help with things, but everyone keeps telling me that now is not the time to be too proud. I'm's just hard.

Grace and Evan get so excited when Matt comes home at night. They literally stand at the door and wait for him, as soon as they see him they both start screaming, "Daddy, Daddy" it's the cutest thing. Evan is talking so much now - he's becoming such my little man. He's rattling off new words all the time. I can't wait for Debbi to come down and hear him talking. They sure do miss her. Grace kept asking all day to call her on the phone. When we finally did, she got so excited that Debbi had a hard time understanding what she was saying since she was just talking a mile a minute! And Evan kept saying, "PopPop, PopPop" in the background - Rob will be down a little later in the month for a visit.

I love my kids so much...

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