Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy bees

Matt is still working. Yesterday and today he's in training so he's only working 8 hour days which is a nice break. He even got out early yesterday and was home by 3:30! We took the kids to the park and they had a blast! And we didn't even have any tantrums when it was time to leave!!

We have been so busy lately I just don't even know where to start....On Saturday my Mom and Megan gave me a surprise mini-baby shower! It was just Meg, Seth, Ellie, Mom, Dad, the kids and I. It was really nice! Megan made the cupcakes and these little baby booties filled with candy, they were adorable. I really needed a "pick me up" and it sure did help. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. On Sunday my parents, the kids and I went to Joann Fabrics, Old Navy and then lunch in Exton. I bought tulle to have my Mom make Grace a purple tutu. It's going to be adorable!! I want to see if I can get Mom to make Eleni one also for her birthday since she's going to be 2 in October!!
Matt talked to Debbi last night and Grandpa seems really unhappy where he is and from the sounds of it he should be. I hope he can get out of there soon. I feel guilty for this but I can't wait for Debbi & Rob to come down soon. I don't want to stretch Debbi anymore than she already is with trying to get Grandpa situated but we all miss them. I just finished thank you notes for the mini-shower Debbi gave me a few weeks ago! I just had to deflate the balloons that she had gotten since they were starting to droop, but every time I looked at them they made me happy!
Today the kids and I might go to get some fall decorations for the porch and some fall mums. Grace & Evan would love to pick out pumpkins so we might do that also. It all depends on how energetic I feel.
I can't wait until Friday at lunchtime when Matt will be off until day work Monday. Then he works Mon-Thurs day works and is off for a week after that. We all need it so much. He will spend a lot of the time trying to get some of the twins room finished. I'm so afraid that it's not going to get done. I think we might end up getting new windows for up there also.

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