Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lonely - I'm so lonely....

Matt is still working nights. I am definitely missing him a lot right now. We barely speak to each other since he's so busy at work when we normally can squeeze in emails or a quick phone call, and when he's at home he's either sleeping or I'm laying down and he's playing with the kids. We have both decided that it's just better for me and the babies to take a little rest during the day since I have to do everything by myself since he's not here. I feel very guilty about doing it but we want healthy babies. I am just so ready to get my body back. I have never ever felt so run down and achy in all my life. I'm usually full of energy and feel like I keep up with the kids pretty well, not now. It's a little embarrassing to actually admit how tired I am since I know most people have never had twins so don't understand just how draining it can be. I never dreamt it could feel like it does.

I went out today to do a little more shopping since I'm trying to get everything bought and "ready" for the babies and Grace & Evan ready for fall before it's too late and I'm too huge. I got some good things but still need to go to a few more places. I have to get out to get Matt some new boots and a new pair of jeans. I also have to get myself an outfit or two for after the babies are born. I saw a few things in the Victoria's Secret catalog that I might order. I have no clothes that I think will fit me for after I have the babies. I am pretty darn sure that it's going to take me a lot longer to "bounce back" from this pregnancy and will have a bigger belly for a longer time before it "deflates"! lol...At least I might be able to hide it since it's winter and I can wear sweaters and sweatshirts to help hide it. Spanx might also be in order!!! hehe

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