Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wild Weekend

We went to Sesame Street Live yesterday and had an absolute blast!! The kids loved it! It was so worth the 18 bucks a ticket! I will totally take them to something like that again next year! I love the Bob Carpenter Center. It's at the University of Delaware and it's in a nice area and very clean and easy to get to. Evan was a little unsure at first because it was so loud but he got adjusted to it and then was clapping and waving. We all got home about 1 and are still tired this morning. Today we have Easter at Grandma's house. I have everything ready for an Egg hunt but it's going to be rainy and nasty out so i'm trying to think about how to do something in her tiny little apartment. I know that she likes having everyone out to her house but it's soooo darn small in there and the family just keeps getting bigger!! I will post pictures soon of Sesame Live since I don't have much time now but wanted to get a post in anyway.
Lots more to say...i'll write more later.

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