Saturday, March 1, 2008


Wowza. Today was a whirlwind. We went to lunch with Matt's family at Shady Maple. First off, I am not really into that place. It's stressful to me. There are sooo many people who are rude and practically shoving to get food as if there won't be any left for them if you let someone in front of you. Come on, a little courtesy goes a long way. Second, we got seated right at the kids nap time so that wasn't the best time but it's what worked for everyone else. They were both really good until the end when Evan started making it known he was sleepy and screeeeeeching really loudy in the place. The shit really hit the fan though when we started to walk out to the car. Grace started protesting that she didn't want to go home and it just escalated into a full blown tantrum. The ENTIRE ride home was her screaming and kicking and growling and being AWFUL. She FINALLY fell asleep about 2 minutes from home and we ended up driving around wasting expensive gas just to get her a little bit of a nap. I'm a little bit upset because I wanted to a least stop in to Emily's birthday party but I knew that would be a disaster. We are going to try to call and stop in to see Emily sometime soon. I can't believe she's 2. I'm sure Molly and TJ feel the same way. battery is dead in my computer. I'll finish this one later.

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