Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunny Days, sweeping the clouds away

It's supposed to be almost 60 today so i'm going to try to have the kids outside as much as possible today. We're going to my Mom's work for lunch and to feed the ducks and run around the mill, then over to a really cool playground. I am sure the kids are going to love being out as much as I am. I put put each of the kids in new spring shirts that I ordered from the Old Navy baby sale a few weeks ago. That sale was kick ass. I ordered everything online and got 26 items for about $120, including 3 prs of shoes. Nothing was over 8 dollars. I don't like shopping at Old Navy in the store. They never seem to have what I am looking for, but I love shopping it online. I do have to say that i'm a little anxious about Grace today b/c she's been throwing royal tantrums in public lately. That's one of the many reasons we didn't make it to a birthday party this weekend. She was in such an awful mood after we left brithday party #1 that I wasn't going to risk it, and good thing since we got home and she was a terror the rest of the day, screaming, hitting, throwing herself on the floor, punching Evan. She spent the majority of the afternoon in and out of time-out. I never thought I would have to count to 3 that many times in one afternoon. Sunday she was an angel though. Ah, the life of living with a 2 year old. It's days like Saturday that make me think that i'm feaking insane even considering having another child!! I better get moving, I need to finish packing the cooler for today.

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