Thursday, March 6, 2008

Come on weekend!!

Today is Matt's last day of this week. He's off Friday, Sat, and Sunday! Tomorrow we're taking the kids to get their pictures taken and me to the eye doctor. I desperately need new contacts and glasses, and for the first time ever, we have vision insurance that's actually worth something! I'm excited for some new specs! I've had my other glasses for about 4 years and they've seen better days. I'm also considering getting prescription sunglasses. I had some several years ago and loved them. I hope that the pictures go well. I'm a little nervous because of Grace's attitude lately but we will see. I bought the invitations yesterday for Evan's 1st birthday party! It's going to be a small-ish party with just family and a few close friends invited. We are going to bring the castle bouncer and let the kids play in that and then just do simple cake and ice cream and some appetizer-ish food. We have the March birthdays for my Mom's family on the 15th. I'm actually looking forward to it since it's at 5 instead of earlier inthe afternoon so that we get there on time and then hae to wait around for everyone else to show up. And at least it's at Bruce and Kathi's house so I know that they will be there and so will Laura, Mike and Adam. I like talking to them. I would hang out with them on occassion without it being a family function for something new to do.
As for what today holds, i'm not so sure. I want to go do something but just not sure what. It's supposed to be nice out but I don't want to go far since I have the Jeep again.

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