Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand

I drove Matt's Jeep to the store today. I have never liked Jeep Cherokees since my Mom had one and I had to learn to drive in it. Let me just tell you how bad I feel that Matt has to drive in that thing 3 hours every day. It wanders all over the road, and is noisy and just plain beats you to death. The kids like it since it's different, but wow, I feel awful that I get to drive around in the nice new truck and he's stuck in that thing. We have been talking about getting him a new car since he started at this job, we just don't want a second car payment. It's bad enough with one. I think that he just needs to leave me with the Jeep more often. More often than not the kids and I just stay at home or go somewhere local to the grocery store. He just doesn't want to see us stuck by the side of the road if something happens to the Jeep, since it does have 130,000 plus miles on it. But I don't want to knock it since it needs to get us from here to there for a while longer.
My taxes are finally finished. They were harder for me to do this year since Matt works in Jersey, but they're done and we're getting refunds from Federal and State, but we owe all of the local since NJ doesn't withhold it. That's ok though since I knew that and have been saving accordingly.
The kids are napping. Today's been ok in regards to the kids moods. My only issue is that i'm craving some adult interaction. I haven't spoken to another adult all day. Matt is busy training so he has no time for emails, phone or texts. I did email Rebecca so that was something adult, but I didn't have much time to write so it wasn't very long. We might go out for drinks this weekend. That would be nice. I truely haven't been out for a girls night since Grace was born. That's right, since Grace was born. She's over 2!!!! lol But, i'm a good Mommy and love being a Mom so I don't really care.


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