Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleep, Where Have You Been All My Life...

Last night was even better with Maddie and Leah!!!!!!! I could literally shout from rooftops here people! I have been so sleep deprived, one night in the beginning actually getting about an hour total in about 5 minute intervals!! Last night they slept from 8:30 until 2am, ate and went right back to sleep and then were up again at 6:30am. I am elated! I cannot begin to tell you just how human I feel right now. I wish and hope and pray this continues! I have so much more energy and patience!!! The patience that I desperately need right now due to Lil' Miss Attitude and her "I'm-almost-2-watch-out-for-MY-attitude" little brother!

I have to cut this short, It's lunch time for all and they're making it known!

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