Thursday, February 12, 2009


Everyone in the house is sick. Grace and Evan are just about over it now, Matt had to call in sick to work because of being dizzy and having a fever. Matt ended up at the doctor last night. He has a sinus infection. The babies seem to be doing ok, they just seem to have a runny nose. As for me, I woke up with a fever, but there's never time to rest when you're the Mommy so Matt is still in bed and I've been up since 5am. The babies aren't sleeping well at night because of their stuffy heads. I hate it when the kids are sick. It makes me feel so bad that I can't just make them feel all better. Well -- enough of that...

Yesterday was wonderful!!! We went for two walks and the kids loved it!! The fresh air was so nice. I even opened the windows for a little while just to get some of the stale air out of here and some clean-non germy air in! I cannot wait for Spring! I wanted to get the kids to the park yesterday but it just didn't happen. Hopefully we'll get another mild day soon and we can go. I looove my new stroller!! I've taken it on 3 walks so far and it's just perfect! We get some stares because no one has a stroller like it but I don't care, it gets us out of the house all together! As for today, the wind is unreal! Yesterday really made me 'hungry' for vacation this year! I think we're going to have a blast!!

Matt gets his bonus Friday and it wasn't as big as last year since the economy sucks but at least it's something! It will help tremendously with the remaining hospital bills. I also have to go shopping to get Maddie and Leah some 6 months size clothes since they're growing out of everything I have! I think I'm just going to go to Carters and hope for some clearance stuff remaining. I am placing an order with Old Navy since they're having their Baby Sale.

Well--I better take advantage of Maddie and Leah napping and go take a shower!

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