Monday, February 2, 2009

ok here goes

So much has been happening here, the babies are getting so big! They are reaching for things and 'talking' up a storm! I love it!! I am excited for the next few months when they really start coming into their own and can play in the jumperoo and excersaucer. On the other hand I'm trying to not wish away their babyhood since I won't ever have another squishy little newborn in my arms. Speaking of, we made the decision final once and for all that we will not have any more kids. I had a really hard time with it and I was surprised by it. Not because I thought I wanted any more children, just the finality of it I guess. Believe me, our family feels very full and complete! Moving on...Matt and I have started talking in depth again about selling our house and I think we may want to try to put it on the market in the spring. The housing market stinks right now but we won't know until we try. The commute is really starting to get to all of us. For Matt obviously it's the fact that his already 12 hour work days are increased by about 3 hours roundtrip and he has to wake up at 3am for dayshift. For myself and the kids, it's that on days that he's working, he has NO time for anything else and the kids and I miss him. So we're again thinking about renting something for a year in Jersey just to "test" it out. I'm not so sure I'm going to like living there but we feel like we should at least give it a chance. The other option is somewhere near where my sister lives since that is within 15-20 miles of the refinery, but the roads he would have to take to get to work are major traffic jam roads...we just don't know. And I hate it that we still can't come up with a definitive decision about what to do. I like to have a plan and right now we just feel like we're in limbo.

As for the big kids, they are so bored it's unreal. I try to think of creative things to do to break up the monotony of being home all the time but I'm pretty much out of ideas. Yesterday we made castle cakes and decorated them gingerbread house style. That was fun. We did foam art the other day and lots of construction paper things that I cut out at night after the kids are in bed and they get to glue together. I just can't think of anything "new" to do. I guess a little Internet research is in order, as if I have time for that...I barely have time to blog!!

I'm hoping to get together with TJ and Molly soon. We barely see them, everyone is just so busy all the time, and Matt works 2 weekends a month so that really narrows it down.

Breastfeeding is going horribly. It's getting harder instead of easier. The babies no longer want to tandem nurse so it's taking up sooo much time during the day trying to complete a feeding doing it one at a time. I'm still taking reglan to try to increase my milk supply but think that I'm constantly dehydrated so that's not helping. And a side effect of reglan is that it makes you hungry!!! I don't need that!!!!! I'm still hanging on though nursing when I can and pumping when I can so I'm pretty proud of myself for that. I really think that if the babies didn't need to go into the hospital right after they were born this would have been much easier. The formula in the beginning that we had to give them, according to the doctors, is what really messed us up and we haven't recovered.

Last night the girls woke up together for every feeding so that helped a lot!!! Hopefully good sleeping is on the horizon!!

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