Friday, February 6, 2009


For the last two nights Maddie and Leah have only been up twice - and woke up together! They went to sleep at 8:30pm and were up at 12am and 4am! Victory for me! I'm elated that there just might be an end in sight to severe sleep deprivation and all that accompanies it! I hope I hope I hope it just keeps getting better. I try to keep reminding myself that the girls aren't even 3 months old yet, and were a little "premature" so they may need longer to achieve milestones like sleeping through the night because they can't go that long without food. Each time they woke up, ate an entire bottle and went right back to sleep! Sweet success!

Matt is back to work after being off since Tuesday morning. He works today, Saturday and Sunday day shift, has off on Monday and then works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, and then off next weekend. I hate this rack of work days. It seems like every month we're just counting the days until is week off that month. It's worth it though.

I am going to try to get together with my sister and niece this weekend for a short visit at her house. Grace loves playing with Ellie and it's supposed to be nice outside so maybe the big kids can all go to the park for a little bit. We'll see.

Today is all about cleaning and playing with the kids. Both Maddie and Leah are rolling over now so tummy time seems like a thing of the past, as soon as they go on their belly it's right over on their backs. But they are grabbing at things and starting to hold toys in their hands so we have other things to do.

On a much different note, Matt's Grandmother found out yesterday she has cancer most likely. They did a biopsy and all signs point to cancer. They are going to take a section of the mass out on Monday and find out just what it is. It's so scary. I'm trying not to think about it until Thursday when the results come in. One day at a time.

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