Monday, April 25, 2011


I haven't changed a diaper in 9 days! Yes, there have been a few accidents (times 2) but the girls are well on their way to being completely potty trained! I'm so proud of them, and they're SO proud of themselves! It's so cute to watch them clap and cheer for each other too! Wow am I blessed by these two special little girls! I can't believe that the last "baby" thing is now gone, no more diapers. In a strange way I'm kind of sad just because it like the official sign that my tiny little babies are growing up way too fast.

Leah got very sick last night, 104 fever and vomiting. I worry so much about the kids when they're sick. I hate, just hate putting them to bed with a high fever. I pray that she wakes up feeling much better and that it somehow miraculously skips the other kids.

Matt is on his last night of night shift for this rack and then he's off until Friday day shift. Thank goodness. We're still trying to recover from his turnaround. We are very behind in things with the house so it's almost, almost a blessing that we haven't had a showing. We have been getting hits on the house like crazy so someone is looking at it at least.

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