Monday, April 18, 2011

It's on!

The house is officially on the market as of today. It's going out to all of the potential home buyers tonight via the internet. We need all of the prayers that we can get that we get a fast, acceptable offer!
We mulched today and tried to finish making the outside of the house as great as possible. We mulched the garden, big flower box out back and around the big tree at the property line. We've taken a load of furniture and other misc things out of the house today and got rid of them. I am going to have a HUGE load of things to donate to Goodwill/Church at the end of today or tomorrow. If anyone local needs any toys let me know, we may be getting rid of something that you could use!!
I am trying my best to not get my hopes up about selling because, well it's going to be HARD! Especially with some houses that recently went up for sale really close to us, including one foreclosure. We have some houses picked out that we want to look at if we start to get some showings. I am beyond excited to have a big fenced in yard for the kids, a 2 car garage for Matt's tools and my car!! A finished basement so we can have a real playroom instead of our dining room being a playroom! Oh, and a master bath, I'm so looking forward to having a master bath! I'm also looking forward to feeling settled. We feel like since we've been here we're in limbo just waiting to move. I'm looking forward to decorating how we like instead of in neutral colors and things that will appeal to the majority of buyers. I could go on and on!
I am trying to take comfort in believing that everything will happen when it's supposed to happen, and according to His plan. I truly believe that we didn't sell last year because we weren't supposed to. I now know that if we had sold last year that we would probably have made a mistake in the area that we moved to. I just need to try and stay patient!

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