Monday, April 13, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

I started Friday already behind schedule and it just kept getting worse all day even though Matt was home to help. Things just got worse as the day progressed. I ended up at Walmart to go food shopping in the afternoon on Good Friday, not a real good idea. I had to fight people just to get my cart down the aisle. But - I escaped Walmart alive and $200 lighter. I got home to unload the groceries and start getting things ready for our friends to come over. Luckily I finished everything and had just gotten the Maddie and Leah out of the tub as they were pulling up! Friday night was great as always when TJ, Molly, Em and Colin come over! Colin turns 1 at the end of May and is crawling all over the place. He 'thinks' he can walk already and it won't be long before he's running around keeping up with the big kids! Em and Colin are such good kids! We have so much fun when we can all find time to get together. TJ & Molly have started riding bikes together and pulling the kids in a trailer attached to the back of Molly's bike. That has prompted Matt and I to start thinking about that as a way to get exercise as a family. Up until now it's just been pushing the kids around in strollers but we are starting to look into bikes. However I haven't ridden a bike in forever so that's a scary thought!
Saturday turned out to be a fun day. We took the kids to the mall to see the Easter Bunny! At first they were telling me that they wanted to see him and were even excited to stand in line and wait their turn but when it came right down to it we strolled right past him, waving cautiously as we passed. Maybe next year. I have to get back to the mall this week since I have officially blown out my "good" jeans with a big hole in the knee. I'm not looking forward to jeans shopping though. With my first pregnancy I was back into my "skinny jeans" in no time! By 4 months I was sporting a bikini - yes, a bikini at 4 months post-pregnancy!! And I looked GOOD! Then with my second pregnancy it took 6 months to get bathing suit ready and back into my skinny jeans. I am now almost officially 5 months post-twin pregnancy and bathing suits are no where in my realm of consideration!! I'm still a 6/8 and just not firming up like I would like to. I'm trying to give it time. I really am but things like Easter just keep setting me back. However I do have to admit that ALL of the Mom's before me who warned me that it was harder to "bounce back" with each pregnancy were right. And after a TWIN pregnancy - forget it. I sometimes feel like it's out of my reach. Well - enough about that.
Sunday was tiring but very FUN! Grace and Evan were ecstatic to see that the Easter Bunny came and left them baskets and eggs to hunt for around the house! Then after baths Grammie and PopPop came to visit for a while and Evan especially was in HEAVEN with PopPop here! He talked about him for the rest of the day! That was such a nice visit! We miss seeing them. We are heading up there this weekend for a night. Which I am scared to death about but looking forward to none the less. After Evan had his nap we went to my parents for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt outside which was a huge hit! Grace kept asking where her cousin Ellie was - so we missed having her there but she was down in Georgia soaking up some rays with her Bubby and Zayda (Not sure that I spelled that correctly!) I'm jealous! I would love to go on vacation right about now! But we have to wait until September - It seems to far away but will be here before I know it!
Have to cut this short since dinner for Matt and I is ready - It's 7:45pm and we're eating dinner alone since the kids are in bed!!

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