Monday, April 27, 2009


I have had a rough two days with the kids. It seems as though our "rough patches" come in two's. However tonight at bedtime things went smooth so I have had some "Mommy time" and feel much better after a little 'front porch sitting'. There are many nights that I spend a little time on the web reading other twin Mom blogs and linking from them to other blogs just looking for other Mom's out there that are in the same place that I am. However lately I have been stumbling upon blogs of Mom's and Dad's who have lost their children or who have very ill children. It breaks my heart to read them yet I can't turn away. There is a blog that I have read several times written by a Mom who just lost her twin 6 month old girls within a day of each other due to a rare disease. I cannot begin to imagine her pain. I don't want to begin to try. I am beyond blessed to have 4 wonderful and healthy children. There are times when I am so caught up in the fighting, feeding, cleaning, crying and temper-tantrum filled hours that make up some of my days that I totally lose sight of just how lucky I am. I have amazing kids. I'm off to bed early tonight and am looking forward to kissing all of my babies in the morning.


Heather said...

Oh, I know just what you mean. I feel so bad when I am in a bad mood or stressed over just normal things with my 3 healthy ones. We are blessed to be stressed!

Lisa said...

Wow. This says it all. No matter how bad I think I have it on any given day with my two little guys I should always step back & remember that I would much rather be stressed and with 'em than peaceful but without 'em. Going to snuggle them extra close tomorrow after reading this.