Sunday, April 26, 2009

two more nights

I will make it through this day. I will make it through this day. That is what I keep telling myself. Matt has tonight and tomorrow night yet on this rack of night shifts so I won't be getting help from him until Tuesday around noon. Grace was up this morning at her usual 6am on the dot. Evan at his standard 7am. The twins officially got up for the day at 5:40am after being awake the better part of the night due to teething pain. I'm exhausted. To add to my sleep deprived state is Grace and Evan being normal toddlers with normal toddler attitudes multiplied by about 1000. I don't know what is wrong but man are they in awful moods. I have already filled the pool outside to give the water a chance to warm up a little bit so I'm hoping that after Evan's nap we can make it outside to swim and play in the sandbox. A big part of me feels like they don't deserve to go outside but I feel like if I don't let them outside in the beautiful weather I will be punishing myself more than anyone. I pray that the twins take a nap this afternoon that lasts longer than 20 minutes. It would be nice to get outside with Grace and Evan and just be able to sit and watch them play for a little while. Ahhh - to dream the big dreams. :)

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chillingurl said...

I still think to myself "how does she do it?". With 4 kids, and when matt is at work, you handle all these kids by yourself! whew! Your a trouper! Hopefully with the changing of the weather, the kids will be in better moods. I know my mood changes into more happiness, and I get alot more done during the summer months. In the winter time, my mood gets lazy and short tempured.
At least Matt's not on turnaround. Two more days really isn't that bad. I'm gonna learn from you and just have one kid at a time, as I would be super duper stressed. You are a tough lady Lindsay! And your a great mom!