Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emergency Doctor Visit

First things first...Leah's going to be fine. Yesterday I noticed her belly button looked irritated and upon further inspection it was red and open like a brand newborns belly button would be. I changed her diaper and when gently pressing the tabs of her diaper closed a yucky fluid came out of her belly button. I called the pediatrician and he said that it could be something very serious and to bring her in as soon as they could fit her in. So Matt left work, got home at about 7:30pm and I got to the pediatrician a little before 8:30pm. It turns out that her belly button had an infection in it that could have become extremely problematic if I hadn't caught it when I did. The doctor said something about the infection finding a way into her actual stomach through the 'newly' closed belly button. The infection itself is the same type of skin infection they have had since they were newborns that I'm still convinced that they picked up from filthy LGH when they were admitted there after birth for jaundice. I thought that that infection had cleared up through weeks of gross cream application and careful cleansing. I guess not. The doctor inverted her belly button (ewww gross) and cleansed it then showed me how to apply the cream to make sure that I get it everywhere it needs to be. I'm off to Walmart now to get the prescription filled. So on to more cream application we go. I got home last night and Matt headed 'back' to NJ to finish his shift so he wouldn't have to use vacation time, poor guy. But all is well that ends well I guess.

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