Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feels like Friday

I still sometimes get messed up about what day it is because of Matt's schedule. For example, Matt worked day shift Friday, Saturday and today so today feels like a Friday since he has off tomorrow. I'm never on the same 'page' as everyone else in the world since his shifts are so crazy. I shouldn't complain though, he has a job that supports the 6 of us and allows me to stay home. We're never without and that's more than I can say for a lot of others, especially right now.
Evan turns 2 tomorrow. On one hand I cannot believe that he's 2. On the other hand I cannot believe that he's ONLY 2 and has 2 younger sisters!! That's just craziness!

I'm still struggling with my weight and regaining my body after the twins pregnancy. I am trying to cut myself a little slack since I did have 4 kids in 36 months but that doesn't make me feel much better when I'm looking in the mirror. My goal is to be a size 4. I know I will never be the size I was before I had kids but I think being a size 4 is realistic for me. I'm a 6/8 right now depending on which jeans I'm wearing. I'm a 6 in Ann Taylor Loft and an 8 in Old Navy. I would love to get a piece of exercise equipment but we just don't have anywhere to put it. I may try to see if we could fit something in our bedroom since we did fit a full size crib and extra dresser in there when the twins were in our room. We will have to see after I get everything moved and reorganized since we're still not finished transitioning all of the kids.

Maddie and Leah are getting sooo big! They are transferring toys from one hand to the other now and really starting to like playing with each other! They are both teething so that's not pleasant for anyone involved. Leah is a rolling machine! She will just keep rolling over and over until she's reached the other side of the room on gotten stuck on something in the process! Maddie is a little more content to just lay there and look around and 'talk'. I'm getting a little concerned about going to the mountains in two weeks since it will be our first overnight trip since the twins were born. It's going to be rough trying to get them all to sleep in a strange place. Evan usually does pretty well but Grace is a whole different story. I have a feeling that I won't be sleeping at all that night. But I've done it before and can do it again. At least after we get home we can take turns taking naps and sleeping in since Matt will still have 4 days off after we get home.

Maddie and Leah just went up for their morning nap and put themselves to sleep by laughing at each other! It's times like these that I wish I had a video monitor in their room to see what they're doing! And since they're asleep now - I'm off to run around and clean and play a game with Grace and Evan!!

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Heather said...

I hear you about regaining your body after twins. I am one size away also from where I was pre-twins and after my first, but I am stuck here. Plus, I have zero time to exercise. Maybe the warmer weather will make it happen as we will be outdoors and no baggy sweatshirts to hide my "pouch". Good luck to you!